No makeup selfie sisterhood!

So it's been blocking up all of our newsfeed, forced beauty cosmetics out of business, caused unbearable eyesore and officially dubbed makeup as the eighth wonder of the world - yes ladies and gentlemen it's the no make up selfies that I'm banging on about! The trend that has got women posting selfies without makeup... Continue Reading →



Before you read any further I would firstly like to clarify I am a woman. Secondly, thank the lord I do not have to spend the rest of my life with one. I wish there was a guide to women I could write to help you boys/girls out there. Unfortunately, women are bizarre psychotic creatures... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day!

 March 8th marks one of the greatest days in history! Yes ladies and gentlemen, lets welcome International Women’s Day! A day to raise awareness on gender inequality and celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations."Connecting Girl. Inspiring Futures". The motto of 2014 International Women’s Day. One that I am sure has filled your social... Continue Reading →

The Tinder Notebook

The app that is a mix between online dating, Fruit Ninja and Mean Girls. It's what everyone is talking about! The dating app that allows you to judge whether complete strangers are "the one" based on five images and a tag line. Swipe right if likey and left if they're not turning on your lighty.... Continue Reading →

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