Broken Foot Series


You know when they say that in your final moments on this earth your life flashes before your eyes and in those lingering moments you realise all the should’ve, could’ve, would’ves. You’ve somehow communicated this through to your nurse who then writes a Bestseller on Life Tips from those on Deaths Door…well this blog is not about that.

But what it is about is how not to loose the plot in your pot.
Over the past three weeks I have been recuperating from a broken foot. I have been an observer rather than a doer and you’d be surprised at all the things you pick up about people, places and even about yourself.

Since we are about mining the gold in any situation, here is what I’ve learnt:

1. Accept Help
I struggle to ask for help and I’m even worse at accepting it.
Yes I have to wait for someone to bathe me, iron my clothes, chauffeur me around and help me down the stairs… to some of you this may sound like a dream but to someone who likes things a particular way, at a particular time and wants to do everything themselves (yes I’m that annoying person) depending on someone is a living nightmare.
But what I’ve learnt is that asking for help doesn’t make you weak.
People actually want to help. It makes them feel better about themselves.
So the way I’ve understood it is that I’m actually doing them a favour, its their good deed of the day and if I didn’t ask them for anything then I was being selfish. And I’m not a selfish person. So three favours a day per person (when you live in a big family) seems to work itself out…I call it delegation!

2.It’s not all black and white
Not everyday in the healing process is going to be the same. I wake up each morning hoping today is going to be a better day than yesterday. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t.
Somedays the pains not too bad, I am able to move around and see new faces whilst breathing fresh air – yup it does get cray cray! Once I even left the house and went to see a friend, sat in the garden and ate ice cream. But the same evening my foot started to throb, I had hot sweats and the swelling doubled. It was so frustrating to think I had taken a step backwards.
But it’s part of the healing process – you have to build back strength into your body. Life’s similar too… everything is not black and white, it’s not one clear path without obstructions that works for everyone in the same way – sometimes we have to go backwards and each time something else in us grows stronger.

3. Piggy backs
Crutches are the tools of the devil – they leave you with blisters, sprained wrists and a whole load of unnecessary effort.
Yes everyone else without an injury will think crutches are a cool accessory and will try having a go on them and after 5 seconds claiming “oh it’s so easy” and you envision yourself beating the life out of them with the same crutches.
Therefore save yourself the hassle and piggy back through your cast journey. Piggy back rides are deemed as appropriate transportation I make full use of them from my brother to get to the toilets, upstairs and into the house so I can avoid awkward steps.

4. The worlds cruel
You will soon realise how ignorant planners were when designing buildings especially restaurants with inappropriate steps, several floors and no lifts, hidden toilets a mile out and the disabled toilets are always out of order.
When in a wheelchair you will either be spoken to like a five year old child because people want to display how bad they feel for you or you’ll be totally ignored and classed as a waste of time. Oh and not to forget the extra injuries you will receive from being bashed round the corners and into doors from the wheelchair driver who of course won’t be the one who gets sworn at when they manoeuvre onto by-passers toes.

5. Social media
Read a book instead. Looking at images and status’s of what great exciting and fun things people are up to in the summer will not make you feel excited or get you jumping for joy (minus the practicalities). Believe it or not watching people live the life that you can’t will funnily enough make you feel crappier than you already feel so just don’t go there…block it out.

6. Don’t be in denial

You’re going to get fat. You sit on you bum for 6 weeks eating all the “Get Well Soon” (we’re giving you diabetes instead) gifts without any exercise or much movement.
I can give you some advice for some exercises to carry out but the truth is I haven’t and probably won’t for the remainder of the journey simply because…I’m exhausted. Doing pretty much nothing is a hell of a lot more tiring than doing a whole of something. So my thinking is that I’m already injured and harming myself by withdrawing cake is only going to make matters worse. Instead review the positives…do not underestimate the healing powers of coco beans.

7. Get addicted
Keep your mind occupied. Looking at the same view, the same faces, breathing the same air can take you doo-lally… Get yourself an old folk hobby – knit, draw or if you’re anything like me online shop. But only in the first 2 weeks before the novelty wares off and he bans you from the plastic.

8. Cover story
Q) “Oh what have you done?”
So my broken foot story is pretty boring…I was checking Snapchat whilst walking down the stairs and kaboom I landed on my face…no heels involved.
So jazz it up a little….its like when you go to college after high school you get an opportunity to remake yourself. Same sort of thing –
A) I got VIP tickets to Queen B’s birthday bash and whilst jamming with Jay we reenacted the Crazy In Love video which involved me jumping off his Ferrari…heels were involved.

So in the sprit of the broken foot Snapchat all your friends and family a link to this blog…Come on it had to be worth a few new subscribers!


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