Punish a Muslim ‘Day’ – if only

I wish, I pray, I hope that it was one day only. That the fear that creeps into your gut and sends shivers down your spine when you take that late train filled with drunken excuses who you know will target you, hasten your pace as you walk through a non-Muslim neighbourhood as the glares... Continue Reading →


BURKINI BAN REMOVED… World order restored

Oh thank the Lord after years of struggle with ISIS, Jihad, suicide bombers and terrorist attacks we finally have a saviour and it's called the BURKINI BAN. This mighty law will strike ISA where it hurts… their beachwear! Muslim women will now have to wax, wear sunscreen and pay for triangles attached with string because... Continue Reading →

You choose…Sun or Rain?

The most beautiful of souls are those who have been timelessly burdened before scars can even heal, yet still guard the flame of light with their forlorn hands. But forget not my friend that even guarding the light for too long can only burn those hands that once reassured into nothing more than skin and... Continue Reading →


The past week marked the first UK memorial service for the Srebrenica genocide where people gathered to offer their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. Before I witter on, let's put things into context and begin with a short history lesson… During the Balkans conflict of 1992-1995, the Bosnian town of Srebrenica... Continue Reading →

HALAL-ISM. The Muslims are back!

Not these Muslims AGAIN! We are still incapable of understanding the whole veil (nikaaq) bonanza and now they hit us even harder. OUR MEAT. “British school kids are being forced to eat halal meat”, “Britain goes halal…but no one tells the public”. Oh how we owe our lives to these tabloids, otherwise no one would... Continue Reading →

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