Bodyguard: Shakes the nation by reinstating stereotypes

The country was gripped with the finale of Bodyguard with 11 million people tuning in making it the most watched BBC drama in 10 years. Jed Mercurio’s series was filled with dramatic stereotypes, crisp white shirts, ‘Yes Ma’am’s’ and potential James Bond scenes – everything you want for a Sunday evening. The series stars Richard... Continue Reading →


When the worlds best tennis player wears a tutu

Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear tutus. The 23-time Grand Slam Champion, Serena Williams played at the 2018 French Open donning a black cat suit with a red waist band and a glittery pair of customised trainers. French Tennis Federation President Bernard Giudicelli criticised the new mum as he stated: “I think we sometimes... Continue Reading →


It only seems like yesterday I wrote my first year marriage survival kit and now I’m preparing to celebrate three years of marriage with this foolish man – with my first grey to prove it! Going from watching his favourite Netflix series in hiding and yelling out spoilers, to cuddling up to a night in... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day 2017

Today marks more than 100 years since the inaugural International Women’s Day. We are once again reminded that despite the phenomenal strides women from all walks of life have made, we are still stuck behind cultural, social, and political challenges for gender equality. I do not want this post to be a feminist rant (frankly... Continue Reading →

Broken Foot Series

You know when they say that in your final moments on this earth your life flashes before your eyes and in those lingering moments you realise all the should've, could've, would'ves. You've somehow communicated this through to your nurse who then writes a Bestseller on Life Tips from those on Deaths Door…well this blog is... Continue Reading →

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