Punish a Muslim ‘Day’ – if only

I wish, I pray, I hope that it was one day only. That the fear that creeps into your gut and sends shivers down your spine when you take that late train filled with drunken excuses who you know will target you, hasten your pace as you walk through a non-Muslim neighbourhood as the glares... Continue Reading →



6am alarm rings, heart sinks, snooze button is hit and we are already thinking about our double booked 9am meeting whilst reaching for that lifesaving breakfast bar that we call (convenience) food and rush out the door remembering keys, underwear and files is a task in itself as we clean out those crusty eyes that... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day 2017

Today marks more than 100 years since the inaugural International Women’s Day. We are once again reminded that despite the phenomenal strides women from all walks of life have made, we are still stuck behind cultural, social, and political challenges for gender equality. I do not want this post to be a feminist rant (frankly... Continue Reading →

Broken Foot Series

You know when they say that in your final moments on this earth your life flashes before your eyes and in those lingering moments you realise all the should've, could've, would'ves. You've somehow communicated this through to your nurse who then writes a Bestseller on Life Tips from those on Deaths Door…well this blog is... Continue Reading →

You choose…Sun or Rain?

The most beautiful of souls are those who have been timelessly burdened before scars can even heal, yet still guard the flame of light with their forlorn hands. But forget not my friend that even guarding the light for too long can only burn those hands that once reassured into nothing more than skin and... Continue Reading →

ISIS: The Verdict

ISIS - the criminals responsible for the brutal killings of American journalists Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff, the beheading of British aid workers David Haines and most recently Alan Henning - let's not forget the thousands of unnamed Syrians and Iraqis slaughtered at the hands of this evil. No words can describe the brutality of... Continue Reading →

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